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01. Audit readiness advisory

Audit readiness advisory

Who is this service for?  Clients who are due to be audited by a CPA firm.

Hiring a CPA is increasingly expensive given shortages in places like the US.  We can help you reduce the costs and be more efficient for your audit by doing a quality review and/or to prepare your audit documents, reviewing your draft financial statements whether for US GAAP, IFRS or UK GAAP (FRS 102) to give you advice on their suitability for the audit CPA firm. 


This service will help your audit be more efficient and thus reduce the costs of your audit due to cost overruns as a result of delays. It includes the following:

  • Review of your draft financial statements and providing advice on their suitability for your auditors. 

  • Review of your internal controls and documentation and providing advice on how they might be improved. 

  • Advice on the suitability of your accounting policy disclosures - particularly for new changes. 

  • Advice on the underlying working papers available to be provided to the auditors to support your material balances in the financial statements. 

Quality review

Who is this service for?  CPA firms who want an external quality reviewer for their new or more complex clients.

Given the shortage of CPAs in some places like the US, it is not always possible to find a suitably experienced professional, notably for more complex clients such as those in sectors like financial services or international groups.


This service will help reduce the risk of your audit for your client and thus reduce your costs of servicing the client. The service will include the following advisory:

  • Advisory on how to address potentially complex areas likely to be the scope of a quality review. 

  • Advice on the quality of the underlying working papers completed by your team members for the higher risk or more complex areas/clients.

  • For US clients (with international operations) - consideration on how to review or address IFRS or UK GAAP (FRS 102) requirements for such clients. 

20 years of Accumulated Practice

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Whether you are a CPA firm that is short staffed and need an external quality reviewer or a client of a CPA firm seeking to improve the quality of your audit, we can help you. Dickson Wasake who will lead this service has been an auditor with both Big 4 and Top 10 global firms. 

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