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03. Business Feasibility Study

New business - evaluation of options

Who is this service for? For a start-up or an existing business branching into a new area/sector/market.

Which is the best business to start? Which sector gives better Return on Investment (ROI)? This service is especially suitable for starting a new business venture - such as start-ups or an existing business branching into a new area/sector.


What we offer combines the traditional business plan with deep research (desktop or field) to allow you assess which business to invest in given various options. We use our knowledge of different sectors to assist you.  We have profiled more than 50 business sectors and so we can advise you on the options available to you and risks involved in a specific sector. 

To aid the decision making, we often present each option evaluated or ranked on a scale using its Return on Investment (ROI) - a measure which can help you pick one business over another because a business with a higher ROI (%) or a shorter ROI (years) is prima facie a better option than one with a lower ROI (%) or longer ROI (years). 


As an example, say you have $1 million and want to start either a dairy farm or buy a forest. We will undertake the relevant research (field or desktop) and our advisory report to you might then say:

  • The ROI from forestry is 2.07 years annualised.

  • The ROI from dairy farming is 4.18 years. 

  • Based on the above, it is advisable to go for the forestry rather than dairy farming. 

Business Plan/Feasibility study

Who is this service for? For a start-up or an existing business branching into a new area/sector/market.

A key aspect of starting out your business idea/concept is ensuring that you have relevant market information. Our business research/feasibility study comprises of two parts:

Part 1: Market Research


We conduct market research for your sector of interest and/or including your preferred location of operation. As part of the research we consider:

  • Key competitors in the area

  • Key Contacts in the industry

  • Future trends/technologies

  • Financial analysis of the feasibility of your concept (estimated profit, start-up costs and return on investment).

Part 2: Traditional business plan/pitch deck


Following the market research phase (or review of your market research) we then proceed to prepare a business plan or pitch deck tailored to the needs of the type of investment (e.g. bank financing, venture capital, private equity et al). You can read tips on our advanced thinking page on the mistakes to avoid when writing a business plan. The typical business plan will include the following:

  • Executive summary

  • Overview of the business 

  • The need and market size

  • About the market

  • The products/services and operations

  • The competition

  • Marketing and sales (including digital marketing strategy)

  • Key risks and risk management strategy

  • Management team

  • Financial forecasts (including sensitivity analysis or "what if scenarios)

  • Funding (including funding requirements, funding phases, use of funding).

  • Use of funds (split into capital expenditure and working capital)

  • Exit strategy. 

Diaspora investment advisory

Who is this service for? A diaspora investor living outside their home country but wanting assurance

Diaspora investors are such a critical part of the financing of many countries. They send remittances, start business, visit (tourism) and contribute to the development of their original or home countries through philanthropic ventures or goodwill causes. We at Inachee recognise this and value diaspora investors and provide support to them. 

This service covers some of the following:

1. Monitoring the performance of their investment (whether philanthropic or not). Is it achieving their original objectives?

2.Identifying other opportunities or causes. Where else could they contribute - whether it is business or philanthropy? We would leverage the information and access to networks in many countries (e.g. through accounting networks we are very familiar with) to provide them with on the ground information and support as they navigate the challenges of cross border or multi country operations. 

70 Years of Accumulated Practice

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If you are a new business (start-up) or seeking to go into a new market/sector/niche it is advisable to work with a professional firm who can combine market research - to assess the feasibility of the idea with a traditional business plan.  Having a number of options to evaluate might also be beneficial for an entrepreneur who wants to consider more than one option. 

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