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What do clients say about us?

We take customer feedback pretty seriously. Over the years we have therefore sought to improve continually following the feedback from our customers and this is evidenced by our testimonials below.


In addition our newsletter called "advanced thinking" is something of a legend among subscribers. The newsletter itself has resulted in significant changes in attitudes to business and so we have loads of feedback from it.  

Client feedback (testimonials)


I am really impressed with it [the business plan] and very optimistic that I will surely get funds to finance (the mechanization) of my farming activities as proposed in the document.

Francis O, Director, Mixed Farm, the 2nd largest farm of its type in the region. 


Professional team

I like the way your team handled us professionally. It is very hard to get quality services, even when you are paying for them. However your team justified that there are some professional people who still exist in the country. For that, the family and I are pleased. Well done.

Joan N, Feasibility study for family development initiative.


Multi country operations

Our business vision has been made clearer, especially in regards to our financial position. Thanks to the accounting advisory services provided by Inachee Ltd. Best of all you provide a prompt service for both our businesses in the UK and Africa making it easier to express our demands and services required with your local knowledge about both countries. Thank you.

Jimmy E, Director, Regular management accounts for Lingerie Group


As we have been considering establishing a business to support existing Christian ministries, your consulting work has been excellent. I very much appreciate the thoroughness of your reports, and most importantly you and your team's eager willingness to respond to my follow-up inquiries. Being that I am not from Africa, your expert assistance has made a tremendous difference in our feasibility studies and comprehensive analysis for that region. Due in no small part to your team's work and effort, it does appear that we can proceed to the next step of finalizing the business planning. I am very confident that you and your team will play a role in that endeavor. Warm Regards, and many thanks.

Mark G, assessment for large scale animal processing

Responsiveness for supporting the disabled young

I became aware of Dickson at Inachee via a computer search directed at my interests establishing business to support a charitable school for disabled children. He responded quickly to my initial contact. We agreed the scope of a report about business opportunities and he (with his local team) has promptly delivered a useful report which has been most useful in informing my business development plan. I would recommend his services as being prompt, focused, well informed and good value.

Dr. Peter L, Research report into charities/non-profits become self-sustaining

A rigorous business plan

I have been impressed by the level of professionalism, promptness and thoroughness of your service. My experience as a Development Economist and Institutional Fundraiser in the UK – having raised hundreds of thousands of pounds, could not have prepared me for what financial institutions needed in order to get a loan for my enterprise. Inachee has tweaked my business plan to the level that it can stand the rigors and scrutiny of investment financing institutions.

Geoffrey M – Business plan for funding for energy project

E-commerce fashion retail

It started with a vague conversation about a business idea that I had and went on to being one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. After just one [advisory] session with Dickson [of Inachee], I felt like I had got my money's worth. Thank you for your patience, your diligence and giving me back my confidence. Our e - commerce is finally on its way…. 

Rita S. fashion entrepreneur on launch of e- commerce business.

Service provision above payment

We have used Inachee's services for over 10 years now. Dickson and his team have worked on providing their services to our pharmacy, investment club, software business, and mining company. Dickson puts service provision before payment. He is responsive and diligent. I have referred him to several contacts of mine. Arthur N. Consulting CEO. 

Various feasibility studies

I hired Dickson of Inachee to do various feasibility studies for projects we were looking to invest in and he did a brilliant job. Additionally, his company INACHEE has been offering us accounting related and payroll advisory services for a research project for a US Universiry. Very professional and excellent work. I highly recommend. Sarah N. Director, Consulting.

Financial Due Diligence Advisory Review

Dickson performed very well the tasks he was given. The job consisted in "reviewing" a 70-page financial due diligence report: checking the relevance of explanations, the quality and understanding of English, the consistency of figures between tables, graphs, comments, the wording etc. Dickson was very accurate and dedicated to identify any correction and area of improvement. His conclusions were very clear, relevant and easy to implement. I recommend him for such tasks! Robert R. Due Diligence review. 

Subscriber feedback
(Advanced Thinking Newsletter)

So much insight and technical information

…Now, I have been silent but not a single email you and your team sent me went unread. And I loved each and every one of them...There is so much insight in each of your proposals and adequate technical information to boot. I have only lacked the necessary capital thus far but I’m working on it. I request you continue with the newsletter and blog....God knows we need it. R. Dennis.

Slow progress but I am happy

Since I subscribed for the news letter they has been great change in my life. The free book and the advice ''people don't care about what you do but what you contribute to them'' changed my perspective.

I care more on what value I contribute using my talents and skills to people than the money. My progress to building a passive income is slow but am happy and I believe with your tips, encouragements, ideas,
research that you give me I know I will succeed in my dream. I appreciate the Inachee team for their devotion to deliver to us the best service. Kind regards.  Jonathan R.

Aspiring entrepreneur

I am an aspiring entrepreneur and hopefully I will be one in due course. However, I should say that your publications enlighten me and build my confidence in how businesses are managed and especially your
research works are of most value to me. Inachee has made me more knowledgeable about business even though am not trained in any business qualification. Thank you for the great work and keep those
research and analysis articles coming. Best of regards.  Jurugo. 

My Bible of sorts

Since I subscribed to Inachee it has become my bible of sorts, probably the first email I open before I even open my personal mail.  This is a big deal considering my love for business since I was 15- I am 25 now and I have a lot of friends that say they look up to me especially in the business sense, I feel lot of that has actually been as a result of the different tips I get from the team at Inachee. I am an auditor by profession and got in touch with you towards end of last year seeking advice from you on a transport business idea I had and I didn't know how best to get the funds and get it running.


I was able to use the advice you gave me and was successful in convincing an aunt of mine to invest in my idea and as per now, we bought the truck which I am managing, it started working mid last month and the figures have kept getting better, I am now looking at income of more than 4 times my current salary and constantly checking my email for any new Inachee emails. Vincent S.


Dickson you and your team are breathtaking. You always tickle me to read and every time I read your articles and letters you awaken that noiseless craving in me doing a great business. Oh you make me anxious. I must confess that practically I have not yet succeeded in starting my two business ideas but am getting there and I know with your support I will make it. I would personally love to meet you or your team members to discuss my business ideas. I need help though am out for a short while but I am coming.” A.B (full name withheld).

Farm on road to recovery

My story is simple. Through talking to you I learnt that if I have to get any yield from my farm I have to get experts. My relatives who took care of my farm didn't know the difference between herbicides and pesticides. They didn't know crop rotation and even when to plant or weed and apply manure. I lost a lot of money through using old methods suited to the farming that i grew up seeing .Well now I'm on the road to recovery which isn't easy but still I thank you. A stitch in time saves nine. O.R (name withheld).

Investment club

I thought mentors are people we know in most cases, I personally take this opportunity to thank Inachee for being their for me as I take my first step in business development, It's hard to find someone to give you his or her time passionately. Inachee has educated, nurtured me into a businessman and showed me where my faults are. The basics and ideas you send to me every time has significantly helped me. Out of your ideas I have known the importance of research accountability and teamwork. i am now mobilizing fellow team members to start-up an investment group. We hope you keep us abreast of those brilliant ideas. Good time God bless. Robert N.

Marketing strategy - Share my story with the whole world!

Am delighted to share my story in fact you can share it with the rest of the world.
When we (myself and 2 partners , Flavia and Wambua) had just started our events company, there were so many hurdles. Business was scarce and for the few we got; some clients would complain. As partners we sat and thought through our business to see how we could change the trend. That is when we came up with an idea of contracting Inachee to formulate for us a marketing strategy. Our target was to get at least 8 events a month. (I got to read your newsletter that how I got to know you). We have so far implemented some of those recommendations and still working towards others e.g.

  • We hired a full time assistant. With this we hit 2 birds with one stone. He does marketing, he can be a clown, he does setup/down, he knows electrical works, so he does all the wiring including the generator. We also have part timers.

  • We printed fliers , stickers and banners and make sure we are visible at every party we organize or in a busy shopping mall, we even slip fliers under people's doors!

  • We promoted our face book page and it's in 400s. We are visible on the internet and have a website. People call to make orders after getting our contacts from the internet.

  • We started proper financial management, opened a bank account, save on every payment and reinvest the remainder after costs. We keep proper books of account and every penny is accounted for.We are practicing delayed gratification for the partners.

  • We have been able to acquire more equipment to our existing one. 

  • Our sales have increased ! We leave very happy and excited customers who make more recommendations for us .We developed a database of all our previous customers.

  • We are almost hitting the target in Sep -2 events (25%),Oct- 2 events(25%) Nov - 8 events (100%), Dec- 8 events(100%), Jan-4 events (50%) , Feb- 5 events (75%).


We have made progress and still have a lot to do, am hoping by the end of the year we shall be able to add on to this story. We still have challenges but we shall get there. We are yet to tap into corporate clients.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you Dickson , and the entire team for showing us direction and your continued follow up. Have a nice day.  Felly K, Events company.

Not junk mail

Thanks very much for this newsletter. It is very educative and informative. At first I thought it was just these "junk" mails people keep sending once in a while, but, I have learnt a lot since subscribing. Keep it up. Patrick O.


Managing business

Inachee has helped me manage my business enterprises better, in regard to due diligence and marketing. Anna N.


No payment for this recommendation!

I have not been paid for this!! But, If your a businessman /woman who is struggling with your business, I recommend you try Inachee consultancy firm. How have I benefited?


Before I came across this consultancy firm, i was struggling to identify a viable and profitable business to start so as to supplement my income, but after searching and numerous referrals by people who have benefited from Inachee services, now am seeing the gains in my investment savings. Inachee's consultancy services helped me to start investing on stock exchange markets  where I buy shares and after some time I get back dividends. I had no idea before, what stock exchange is/was to be honest, but now am feeling happy. It has without any shadow of doubt Inachee is one of the most exceptional business consultancy firms, and I should recommend any one to try their services. Henry S..

 10 Years of Adanced Thinking

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Advanced Thinking is something of a legend based on the many testimonials from subscribers. When you join, you get a free book. 

The "advanced thinking*" newsletter is sent regularly. It provides "advanced thinking*" tips on marketing, corporate governance, accounting, entrepreneurship and best practice on successfully starting, running and growing your business.

***Advanced thinking is the future.

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